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Adventure Flight 

Our Pilot:

Meet Andy Bibber, Owner / Operator of ADVENTURE FLIGHT 

With over 30 years and 21,000 hours of flight time, Andy has a wide range of aviation experience.

"I began flying at 15 and finished my private certificate at age 17, near Portland, ME.  I earned my instrument / commercial / CFI ratings by 19 and spent 5 years running a flight school in Limington, ME, and began flying aerobatics in my first airplane, a Monocoupe 110, in 1993.

With 3000 hours in my pocket, I moved to Alaska.  I spent 18 years in Bush Alaska, flying Piper Lances and Navajos and Cessna Caravans, basing out of Galena, Fairbanks, and Kotzebue.  In 2014 the time came to strap on my parachute and go into business for myself. 

My passion has always been antique airplanes.  Sharing my love of these unique machines and making warbirds accessible to everyone is a dream come true.   Come for a flight with us.  Sometimes you gotta shift your perspective.  Look at stuff upside down.  You'll be glad you did."

Our Aircraft:

1943 North American SNJ-4

1940 Naval Aircraft Company N3N-3

1942 Cessna T-50 "Bamboo Bomber"

1940 Taylorcraft BL-65